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There is little doubt that all the Monroe families listed here are related.  As has been noted, the area of the Upper Cape Fear Valley in the late 18th century was hardly metropolitan.  The likelihood of a large number of unrelated Munro families in the same area seems remote.  Conversely, years of work by numerous researchers has failed to document how the families relate.

John Munroe, Born ca. 1700.  Possibly the immigrant ancestor of the Cape Fear Monroes.  His sons Patrick, Daniel and Malcolm.  It is probable that John and his sons were the ancestors of the Malcolm, Dugald and John Munroe families, listed below.  

Malcolm Munroe   Born 1773, Moore Co., NC; died Talladega Co., Ala., 1853
    First Wife, Unknown
     Second Wife, Margaret Black
This Malcolm Munroe is thought to be decended from the Monroes in the vicinity of Drowning Creek in southeast Moore County, but their is no proof of this.  Circa 1842, Malcolm, his children Archibald, Colin A., James, Duncan and Catherine Boaz, relocated to Talladega (now Clay) Co., Alabama.  Sons Francis and John remained in Moore Co.

Dugald Munroe and wife Jane Cameron
Dugald may have been the son of Neill Munroe and the grandson of Malcolm Munroe, a justice of the Peace who lived in the vicinity of Union Church in Moore Co. -- NOT the above Malcolm Munroe.  This page primarily documents the descendants of Dugald's son, J. Peter Munroe.

Duncan Monroe Born 1784 in Scotland; died before 1860, Talladega Co., Ala.
    Spouse:  Nancy Tedder, b. 1786, Robeson Co., NC

John Munroe died before 1832, Cumberland Co., NC, and wife Sarah McCall
They lived in the western part of Cumberland County with four sons and five daughters.  Their son, Neill Munroe, married Mary Priest and had a large family documented here.  Dugald married Jane Cameron and had no children.  Hugh had only one known son, William H. Monroe, who may have lived in Lenoir or Greene county.   Peter Munroe was born in 1812 and lived in the vicinity of Cypress Presbyterian Church, where he is buried.   Mary Munroe married John T. Cameron.   Their other daughters, Isabele, Catherine, Margaret and Sarah Munroe, were unmarried at the time of their father's will (1832) and little else is known of them.



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