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Original Source Documents

New! The Battle of Monroe's Crossroads -- An account of the Civil War skirmish at the Cumberland County home of Charles M. Munroe between Union and Confederate Calvary units, March 9, 1865.

New! Monroe Land Grants in North Carolina -- All Monroe/Munroe surname land grants on file with the North Carolina State Archives for Anson, Bladen, Cumberland, Montgomery and Moore Counties.

Monroe Family Bible and Other Records-- includes notes made by Mary Deaton Monroe circa 1850-1890 relating to various families in their area of Moore County.  Also includes family Bible records from several Monroe/Tedder/Carmichael families in Talladega/Clay counties, Alabama.

Wills -- John Munroe's will; Malcolm Monroe's 1842 will; excerpts from Neill Monroes' 1851 will, the will of Col. Neil Buie, uncle of William R. Monroe.

Monroe Cemetery Records, Fort Bragg, NC -- Headstone data from more that 40 Monroe/Munroes buried in cemeteries now within the Fort Bragg military reservation.   Much of the land now occupied by Fort Bragg was originally settled by Monroes.

 Civil War Service Records -- of various Monroe men, primarily taken from North Carolina Troops, 1861-1865. Includes a detailed narrative of the 25th Alabama Infantry, Calvin J.C. Monroe's unit and the 26th Mississippi "Boone's Revengers," where William R. and Louis A. Monroe served..

Civil War Letter of Calvin Jones Cochran Monroe -- a moving letter home confirming his brother's death.

Cumberland County Estate Records -- An abstract of all Munroe/Monroe estate records on file with the North Carolina State Archive.  More than an index, contains all information of genealogical interest including names, dates, heirs -- "the good stuff!"

Cumberland County Court of Pleas Minutes, 1754-1791 -- An abstract of all Munro/Munroe entries in the Cumberland County Court Records.  As with the estate records, contains all pertinent genealogical information.

Cumberland County Marriage Bonds

Biography of Dr. John Peter Munroe -- 1936 Charlotte Observer article on Dr. Munroe who was the president of the North Carolina Medical College.  Includes information on his parents Peter and Isabella Cameron Munroe and siblings.

Robeson Co., NC, Cemetery Register -- Select Munroe/Monroe records from "Vanishing Ancestors, Cemetery Records of Robeson County, North Carolina" by Peggy Townsend

Robeson Co., NC Grantor Index -- All Munroes/Monroes in the Robeson County Grantor Index, 1811 to 1934.

Miscellaneous Records -- 1790 Federal Census of Moore County, NC; deeds and land grant record, DAR application; excerpts from Rassie Wicker's Miscellaneous Ancient Records of Moore County.

"Old House Tells Historic Tale" --  1966 Charlotte Observer article describing the Moore County house, overlooking Drowning Creek, which was built in 1772 by Malcolm Munroe.

"The Massacre at Piney Bottom" -- an article written in 1854 by Rev. Eli Caruthers describing the massacre of some of Whig Col. Wade's men and the revenge then taken on the Tories.  "Old Daniel" Monroe and his son, Malcolm, played a part in the story.

The Estate Records of Levi Deaton -- Levi Deaton was the father of Mary Deaton Monroe.  The records were kept by Levi's wife, Mary Deaton, and includes a full inventory of his estate, including slaves.  Of interest to genealogists, the records list the individuals who purchased goods at the estate sales.

The Estate Records and Will of Andrew Graham -- similar information as the Deaton records.  Mary Deaton Monroe apparently kept the records.  Her husband, John Monroe, and brother, Issac Deaton, were executors of the estate.

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