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The Estate of Andrew Graham
John Monroe and Issac Deaton, Executors
July 29, 1853
(Apparently recorded by Mary Deaton Monroe)

Short cut to Graham's Last Will and Testament

Source: Private Collection.  Microfilm of originals are available in the North Carolina State Archives, Moore County Records, Deaton-Monroe Family Papers.

Inventory of the property belonging to the Estate of Andrew Graham Decd. That came into the hands of his Executors - Taken the 29 July 1853 Viz

2 Head of horses - 6 Head of cattle - 50 head of hogs - 10 Head of Sheep - 18 Head of gees - One Lot of household furniture consisting of 5 Beds and furniture - Tables one dining and one side table 2 chests - one clock one Riffle gun 3 saddles one mans and Two side - 8 Setting chairs - 2 Spinning wheels - one cut Reel - one lot of Kitchen furniture consisting of one Table one Cupboard and furniture - one Loom - 3 Pots 2 Ovens - 1 Kettle - 1 Spider - One Wagon and gear - one lot of farming tools consisting of plows hoes axes etc - one lot blacksmith tools consisting of bellows - anvil hammers etc - one lot of wheat at the mill Supposed to be Twenty bushels - one small lot of corn and wheat at home on which the family subsists - one sithe and cradle one culling box - one grind stone - the crop now growing supposed to be 33 acres in corn and 5 acres in cotton - 249 Acres of Land on Billings creek - 100 acres on Fergusons Juniper - one note on Aaron Wade for one dollar due 1 Feby. 1853 (doubtful) - one note on William Pence for one dollar 50 cts due 22 Feby. 1853 (doubtfull) - one note on Joseph and Ruffin Walles for Eleven dollars due 14 July 1853 (doubtful) - Cash on hand Twelve dollars $12.

Certified and returned to October From 1853

    Jn Munroe}
                    } Executors
Isaac Deaton}

Note: The original estate records list the items and the price paid by each individual. While interesting reading, it also make for a very large file. In the interest of saving down-load time, those inventories have been eliminated.  If you connect to one of the individuals and want a copy of the full inventory, e-mail me.

A List of Sale of property belonging to the Estate of the late Andrew Graham decd made by his executors Jn Munroe & Isaac Deaton on the 16 and 17 November 1853 Viz

Duncan M Kennedy
Allan McDonald
John Williams
Reuben Runnels
P.A. McKeithan
Eiver Patterson
John McInnis
Archd. B Currie
John Jones
Angus D McDonald
John P. Cole
William Warner
John R. Currie
Westley Graham (Andrew's Son)
James Cole (Sr)
William Milton
William Gatlin
Elisha Cole
Danl. Chisholm

Sept 17,1853
Account of payments made on Settlement of the Estate of Andrew Graham Decd.

B. Coffin
Wm W Coles
Mary Deaton (Mary Deaton Monroe's Mother)
Wm Melton
E Holand
F Munroe (Francis, John Monroe's brother)
WF Sowell (Wesley Fairly, his daughter, Bettie, married John Monroe's son, John Calhoun)
AC Rae
E McDonald
Allan McD
I.R. Currie
C C Coles
J Coles
L.B. Munroe (Laughlin Bethune, Francis Monroe's son)
John Bruce
Quimby Sowel
Wm A Dawkin
L W Lawhorn
I. Dunlap
D. M Kennedy
Wm Copland
J? Coles
Wm B Fry
? Munroe
Reuben Reynolds
Levi Deaton (Mary Deaton's Brother)
Tyson & ?
W. T. Jenkins
A H. McNeills
Thos B. Tyson
K. Mathison
Wm B. Richardson
Richardson & Barret
Shaw & Furman
A D McDonald
T Pemberton
SE Bruce
Malcom ?
S. Barrett
D. M Kennedy
L B Currie
A.A. Munroe
Alfred Smith
Henry W Stutts
Joseph Britt
Plesant Keys
Ryals Keys
Allen Jones
Levi Deaton (Mary's Brother)
Jackson Deaton
Grun B Fields
Joseph Deaton
Wm. R. Britt
Alan McAskill
Ge T Morgan
I P Cole
Ryland Cole
Elisha Cole
Soloman Craven
Joseph Morgan
John McAskill
Allan McDonald
Hardy Sanders
Sampson Brewer
Wm. Brewer
Norman McDuffie
M P Morison
A Kelly
Nor Martin
John B Parish

Aug 11, 1859 Memorandum of money recd

Allan Morrisons
J L Martin
Norman Martin
Math Deaton
J N Copeland

Andrew Graham Will

From Moore County, North Carolina, Records

Will Book "C" Page 7


In the name of God, Amen, I, Andrew Graham, of the County of Moore and the State of North Carolina, though weak in body and distitute of health, being of sound and perfect mind and memory (blessed be God) Do this ninteenth day of July, One thousand eight hundred and fifty three, make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following (viz)

First, I wish my perishable property all sold by my Executors. I wish two tracts of my land sold by my Executors, one 100 Acre Tract on Fargison Juniper and 249 Acres on Billinson Creek.

Secondly, I wish all my just debts paid by my said Executors.

Thirdly, I wish my two younger daughters, Deby and Mary Ann to be sent to school til they are taught to read and write as the rest of my children.

Fourth, after all my just debts are paid, should there be property or effects left, I wish an equal division among all my children, share and share alike these that have left, (viz) Eliza, Westley and Martha all to account for what they have received from under my hand here to fore. I hereby make and ordain my worthy friends Isaac Deaton and John Munroe my Executors of this my last will and testament in witness whereof I the said Andrew Graham have to this my last will and testament set my hand and seal the day and year first written.

Signed, sealed, published and declared by the     }
said Andrew Graham the testator as his last        } Andrew Graham (seal)
will and testament in the person of us who were  }
present at the time of signing and sealing thereof. }

Levi Deaton (seal)

Daniel B. Currie (X) 

A paper writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Andrew Graham was brought into Court by Isaac Deaton and John Munroe named in said paper as Executors and offered for probate and Daniel B. Currie a witness thereto was Examined by the Court who proved that he saw the said Graham execute said instrument as his last will and testament that he signed it at the request of said Graham and in his presence as a witness and that said Graham was of sound and disposing mind and memory at the time he executed the same where upon the Court ordered said paper writing to be admitted to probate in common as the last Will and Testament of said Graham and Isaac Deaton and John Munore the Executors therein named were duly qualified as executors of said Will in open Court.

A.C. Curry, Clerk

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