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Abstract of

Monroe/Munroe Estate Records
Cumberland County, North Carolina

This information has been abstracted from the Cumberland County Estate Records on file at the North Carolina State Archive, file numbers CR029.508.54, 55 and 56.  Copies of the original documents are available, for a charge, from the the Archive. The address is; North Carolina State Archive, 109 East Jones Street, Raleigh, NC 27601-2807.  North Carolina residents my e-mail their requests to however responses will be sent via USPS.

Capt. Daniel Monroe
N.W. Ray, Administrator
Earliest Record: March 17, 1871
Heirs: John C. Munroe & wife, Fannie; A.K. Cromartie & wife, Kate Munroe Cromartie; D.J. Munroe & wife Fanny; John Patrick, & wife Flora E. Munroe

Duncan Monroe
John Munroe, Administrator
Earliest Record: 16 Oct. 1863
Buyers: (not necessarily heirs): N.L Munroe, D.H. McGill, P.D.P. Munroe, J.A. Munroe, Isabella Munroe, Nathan Graham

Elizabeth Monroe
Mary P. Munroe, Admistrix
Earliest Record:  August 6, 1842
Buyers: Patrick Monroe, Catherine Monroe, Malcom Monroe, Duncan Monroe, Alexander Monroe

Ester Monroe
Nelson Starr, Adminstrator
Earliest Record:  Nov. 22, 1895

Flora MonroeSee note
Charles M. Monroe, Administrator
Laughlin Bethune Munroe, Guarantor
Earliest Record:  June 6, 1859
Note:  On April 25, 1877, Ann P. Black and John Black applied as Administrators, in place of Charles M. Munroe, Ann's father, who had died.
Heirs (listed in April 25, 1877 application):"Mrs. Graham Taylor, Ceila Saunders, Sarah Ann Gaddy, the representatives of Mary Moody and Neil Munroe and Charles M. Munroe. Ann P. Black being the daughter of Charles M. Munroe and wife of John Black, and other children of C.M. Munroe"

(Note: At the same time this Administrator's Application was filed, Ann and John Black filed to replace Charles M. Monroe as administrators of the estate of Margaret Munroe.)

G.E. Monroe
W.K. Monroe, Administrator
Earliest Record:  26 Nov 1901

Malcolm Monroe
Martin.A. Patterson, Executor
Earliest Record: 1898
Apparent Heirs (record is unclear):  Martha J Monroe, Margaret Ann Monroe, Rebecca Culbreth. Emma A. Cameron, Sallie I Wilson, Mary E. McLeod, Carnie McAskill

Margaret Monroe* See note
Charles Monroe, Administrator
Laughlin Bethune Munroe, Grarantor
Earliest Record:  March 6, 1859
Note:  On April 25, 1877, Ann P. Black and John Black filed as administrator to replace Charles M. Munroe, Ann’s father, who had died.
Heirs (1877): "Mrs. Graham Taylor, Ceila Saunders, Sarah Ann Gaddy, the representatives of Mary Moody and Neil Munroe and Charles M. Munroe. Ann P. Black being the daughter of Charles M. Munroe and wife of John Black, and other children of C.M. Munroe"

Margarette Jane Monroe
Danil C. Monroe, Administrator
Earliest Record: Dec. 19,1895
Heirs: Alex McArthur J.F. McArthur, Caroline McArthur Susan McArthur Emma McLean and "others not known"

Contained in the same file are the following records:

Margarette Jane Monroe
Duncan L. Monroe, Administrator
March 13, 1897
Heirs: D.C. Monroe, William, May, Thomas and Kate McDouglas heirs of Neill Monroe; Neill L. Monroe; Isabell Monroe & Margarett Monroe, D.L. Monroe; John A. Monroe; Kenneth H. Monroe, Ray (Roy?) Monroe heir of John Monroe; Neil C. Monroe, Mary A. Phillips and Robert Monroe.

This appears to be two sets of  Admministrator’s Applications filed for the same estate.  Note that the later application, filed by Duncan Monroe, lists the previous administrator, Daniel Monroe, as an heir.

Mary Priest Monroe (She is the wife of Neill Monroe , below)
Gilbert Monroe, Administrator
Earliest Record: Dec. 14, 1880
Heirs: Gilbert Monroe; Elisha Monroe; Mary Monroe Priest; Catherine Monroe; Malcolm Munroe; Lovdy Ann Monroe McCrimmon. There are others, see Genealogies  for more on this family.

Interestingly, the only record in this file is a notice from Elisha Monroe to his brothers and sisters that he will apply to the court to be named administrator on Jan. 4, 1881.  Written on the back of the notice, in a different handwriting, is a note that Gilbert Monroe applied for a Letter of Administration for the estate on December 14, 1880.

Neill Monroe
Elisha Monroe, Executor
Earliest Record:  Dec. 29, 1880.  One record states that Neill died Nov. 27, 1851
Heirs:  Gilbert Monroe; Elisha Monroe; John W. Monroe; Malcolm Monroe; Catherine Monroe; Mary Monroe Priest, wife of Cornelius Priest; Lovedy Ann Monroe McCrimmon, wife of Roderick McCrimmon; and Jane Monroe Andrews, wife of Edward Andrews.
See Genealogies for more on this family and Wills for excerpts from Neill's will.

Annabella Munroe
Neil Munroe, Administrator
Malcom Munroe, Murdock McRae, guarantors
Earliest Record:  Administrator's Bond, March 4, 1816

Barbara Munroe
James Munroe, Administrator
Patrick Munroe, Malcom Rae, gruarators
Earliest Record:  Administrator's Bond, June 7, 1830 

Celia Munroe*  See note
Charles M. Munroe, Administrator
Earliest Record:  Sept. 9 1859
Inventory includes 1/6 interest in several items, indicating they may be part of another estate.

Charles Munroe*  See note
Earliest Record: Oct. 25, 1870
Summons from Malcom A. Munroe, plantiff, against: Neill Munroe, Aaron Saunders and wife Celia, Marble Taylor and wife Catherine, Israel D. Gaddy and wife Sarah Ann, Charles Moody and wife Mary C.,  (possibly Jms?) Munroe, Mary E. Munroe, Lauchlin B. Munroe, Charles N. Munroe, minor heir of Charles Munroe, and Saphrona (maybe Daphrone?) Munroe, widow of Charles Munroe

Charlotte Munroe
Wm Alderman, Administrator
Earliest Record:  Administrator's Bond, Jan. 24, 1867
Note an entry for "Cash Paid moving remains from New Orleans"

The file contains an interesting letter from Charlotte's sister, S.S. Munroe, to William Alderman asking that he secure a tombstone and brick fence for Charlotte's grave.  She also asks him to send her an inventory of Charlotte's trunk, when it arrives from New Orleans,  that she may select some keepsake from her sister's belongings.  The letter, written from Quincy, Florida, may prove a link between the Munroe family there and those in North Carolina.

Daniel Munroe
Malcom Munroe, Administrator
Earliest Record:  March 5, 1819
Guardianship Documents (dated March 6 1834), Elizabeth Munroe, guardian for minor children Mary, Jane, Catherine Ann, Patrick Angus, and Malcom Neill Munroe, heirs of Daniel Munroe

D.C. Munroe
J.A. Patterson, Administrator
Earliest Record:  Administrator’s Letter April 20, 1903
Heirs: Sarah Jane McGill (sister) Sarah Margaret Munroe, Kate Monroe

Dugald Munroe  This Dugald Munroe is the brother of Peter, Neill, Hugh and Mary.  He is buried at Cypress Presbyterian church. See Genealogies for more information on Dugald Munroe
Daniel B. McKeithan, Administrator
Earliest Record: Sept. 6, 1878, but according to the records, Dugald died "on or about Sept.1, 1867."
Heirs:  Peter Munroe, Dugald's brother; Mary Munroe Cameron, wife of John T. Cameron and sister of Dugald; William H. Munroe of Lenoir Co., son of Dugald's brother, Hugh Monroe; and the children of Dugald's brother, Neill Munroe:   Malcolm Munroe, Elisha Munroe, Gilbert Munroe, Catherine Munroe, Jane Munroe Andres wife of Ed Andres, Mary Munroe Priest wife of Cornelius Priest, and Lovedy Munroe McCrimmon, all of Cumberland Co., and Sarah Munroe of Harnett Co.

Dugald Munroe This Dugald (Jr.) is the son of Dugald and Jane Cameron Munroe and the brother of Peter and Malcolm A. Munroe.  He is buried at Sandy Grove Presbyterian Church.  See Genealogies for more information.
Mary Ann Munroe (widow), Administrix
Earliest Record:  Administrator's Bond, Dec. 4, 1865
In addition to the estate records, this file contains records of  is a lawsuit brought in March, 1873, by Mary Ann Munroe, Dugald's widow, against his brother, Peter.   The suit is brought on behalf of Dugald's minor daughter Annie Jane Munroe, and seeks to divide a 1600-acre tract which Peter and Dugald jointly owned.  The property is at the confluence of Nicholson Creek and Horsepen Branch in Cumberland County.   Peter Munroe was a well-know building contractor in the area, building many churches and the courthouse in Montgomery Co.  Dugald was involved in the business with and this tract was probably part of their partnership.

Duncan Munroe
Thomas Munroe, Administrator
Archibald B. McFadyen, Neill Munroe, guarantors
Earliest Record:  Administrator's Bond,  June 1, 1846

Duncan J. Munroe
John Munroe, Administrator
Earliest Record:  Administrator's Bond dated Sept. 4, 1865.
Receipt: "Received of John Munroe, Fifteen Dollars in payment of a Bill of Costs in Cumberland County Court Isabella Munroe vs John Munroe, Administrator of Duncan J. Munroe Execution June Ten, 1866. JTWarden, Clerk"

Elizabeth Munroe
Mary Munroe, Administrix
John Munroe & Alexander Murchison, guarantors
Earliest Record:  Administrator’s bond dated June 6, 1842

Jane Munroe
Dugald Monroe, Administrator
Peter Monroe & William McLaughlin, guarantors
Administrator’s bond dated Sept 4, 1860
Dugald is Jane's husband and Peter is his brother.  See Genealogies for this family.

John Munroe, Esq
Daniel Munroe, Executor
Earlest Record:  8 Dec. 1827
Notes due from:  Duncan McNeill, Malcom Buie, HH Murphy(?), Colin Cameron, Daniel McNeill, Archibald Campbell, Dugald Munroe, Archibald B? (Buie, Burns?)

John Munroe
Christopher Munroe, Administrator
John McRae, Thomas Munroe, AB McFayden, Catherine Munroe, guarantors
Earliest Record:  Adminstrators’s bond dated Dec. 5, 1843
File includes various summons regarding a debt from a Malcom McGregor

Lewis Munroe
Minnie Munroe, Administrix
John Rae, Colen MacPherson, guarantors
Earliest Record:  Administrator’s Bond dated Oct. 14, 1795

Malcolm Munroe This is the Malcolm Munroe who lived on Drowning Creek, now in Moore Co.
Margaret Munroe, Admistrix
Daniel Munroe, James Munroe, guarantors
Earliest Record:  Administrator’s Bond Dated July 29, 1772

Malcom Munroe* See Note
Earliest Record:  Dec. 29, 1871: Petition from Marble Taylor, husband of Cotton (? Illegible -- could it be Catherine?) F. Monroe (Malcolm's daughter) seeking grants, deeds and titles to property owned by Malcolm Munroe,  in the possession of Charles Munroe's widow.  Petition is filed on behalf of Marble Taylor and his wife; Charles Moody and his wife Mary C.; Israel D. Giddin and his wife, Sarah Ann; A.H. Saunders and his wife, Celia; all "heirs and law of the late Malcom Munroe of Cumberland County."

Patrick Munroe
Daniel Munroe, Administrator
John Munroe, John Mc? (maybe McIntosh?), guarantors
Earliest Record:  Administrator’s Bond dated Dec 12, 1818

Patrick Munroe
Duncan Ray, Administrator
Malcom C. Lamont, John A McKeithan, guarantors
Earliest Record:  Administrator’s Bond, March 20, 1857

Peter Munroe
Daniel Munroe, Adminstrator
Earliest Record:  Inventory and sale records dated Feb. 12, 1819
Purchasers include:  John Munroe, Arch’d Munroe, James Munroe, Peter Munroe

Peter Munroe
A.C. Munroe, executor
Earliest Record:  Inventory dated June 30, 1888

Robert Munroe
James D. McPherson, William Taylor, executors
Earliest Record:  Inventory and Book Accounts dated Aug. 26, 1857
Robert must have been a merchant or tradesman.  The assests of his estate are primarily accounts receivable with the following individuals:
Accounts include:  John Munroe, Aug. 11, 1819
Good Accounts:
    Peter Munroe, 1855, $40.20
    J.A. Munroe, 1855, .50
    L. Bethune, 1854, $10.00
    Dugald Munroe, 1854, $2.00
    Patrick Munroe, 1853, $4.50
    Gilbert Munroe, 1854, $3.50
Bad Accounts
    Margaret Munroe, 1854, $2.50
    Sarah Munroe, 1843, $20.00
    Catherine Munroe, 1847, $22.50
    Allen Cameron, 1848, $3.00

Note:  The estates of Malcolm, Charles, Flora, Margaret, and Celia Munroe all seem to be inter-related and give us the following family:

Malcolm Munroe; d. bef. 1871 (probably well before)
Charles M. Munroe, b. ca. 1812;  d. June 8, 1866, bur. Monroe Cemetery, Little River Twsp., Hoke Co. (now Ft. Bragg), NC.  See Ft. Bragg Cemetery Records   
Saphrone     ?  
            1.   Ann P. Munroe
+     John Black
(Cotton? maybe Catherine?) F. Munroe
+     Marble Taylor
Celia Munroe
+     A.H. Saunders
Flora Munroe; d. bef. June 6, 1859
Mary C. Munroe
+     Charles Moody
Margaret Munroe; d. bef. March 6, 1859
Sarah Ann Monroe; b. Nov. 17, 1826; d. May 1, 1892, bur. Monroe Cemetery, Little River Twsp., Hoke Co. (now Ft. Bragg), NC (Source: cemetery record)
Israel D. Gaddy

In addition, Celia Munroe; d. bef. Sept. 9, 1859, is also likely related to this family. This is not the Celia noted above, the wife of A.H. Saunders.   Could this Celia be Malcolm's wife and the mother of this family?             

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