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References to Monroes
in the Minutes of the

Court of Pleas and Quarter Session,

Cumberland County, North Carolina


(Abstracted by the Cumberland County Bicentennial Commission)

        The Courts of Pleas and Quarter Sessions served the function of both County Commission and District Courts from colonial times until the ratification of North Carolina’s reconstruction constitution in 1868.
        The courts met quarterly, with a minimum of three Justices of the Peace presiding. In addition to hearing minor criminal and civil cases, the courts proved and recorded deeds and probated estates. The Courts, in conjunction with the governor, appointed all county officials, including coroners, tax collectors, constables and road overseers. The sheriff, for example, was appointed by the governor from a list of three nominated by the Court.
        In its administrative role, the Court appointed juries to layout and maintain roads; licensed and set rates for taverns, public houses, mills, ferries and toll bridges; recorded livestock brands; and set tax rates.
        Between sessions of courts, the justices could act individually as a magistrate, performing marriages, and hearing minor matters.
        The Court minutes survive nearly intact with only a few gaps, the most notable from October 1765, through October 1771. Interestingly, a Munroe may account for this deficiently. In his claim with the British Crown for compensation of his losses during the American Revolution, Tory James Munro reported, "I seized the records of the county in order to strengthen the influence of the government…. I had all of the records mentioned privately buried underground in the woods along with my own bonds, books and most valuable papers, with strict directions not to touch them until I should return. Consequently they were suffered to remain in that situation so long that when they were taken up, many of the books were quite destroyed and almost all my own papers rendered useless." (Patterson, page 13)
    Entries are listed by date and abbreviated to include only the Monroes listed in each entry.

January 20, 1756
   Grand Jurors: Malcom Munrow, John Munrow

April 20, 1756
   Petty Juror: Malcom Munrow

July 20, 1756
   Deed: Malcom and Patrick Munroe to Thos. Mat[hew], acknowledged.
    Petty Juror: Danl Munroe

January 20, 1757
   Daniel Monroo sworn and sent to the Grand Jury

April 19, 1757
   Petty Juror: Danl Munrow

April 20, 1757
   Juror for Lodiwick Vinger vs. John Welsh: Daniel Munrow

April 21, 1757
   Juror for Thos Armstrong vs. John Brooks: Daniel Munrow
    Juror for Hector McNeill vs. Mathew Hardy: Daniel Munrow
    Daniel Munroo and Wm. Roberts presented their certificates for attending as jurors at Wilmington for 11 days, allowed.

October 18, 1757
   5:4:0 due by Dugan [Dugald?] Munrow to the estate of Angus McEachran

January 16, 1758
   Grand Juror: Malcom Munrow

January 17, 1758
   Petty Juror: John Munrow, Malcom Munrow

January 19, 1758
   Juror for Richard Braswell vs. Benjamin Kimbro Sr.: John Munrow, Malcom Munrow
    [Same jury for several cases same day]

January 20, 1758
   Daniel Munrow licensed to keep an ordinary at his home; securities: John Munrow and Malcom Munroe.    [According to Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary, an "ordinary" was a fixed-menu, fixed-price meal, such as served at a boarding house. In colonial Virginia, (and possibly as far south as Cumberland?) the word was used to refer to a tavern or inn of any kind.]
   Juror for The Justices and Gabrill Reagains vs. Archibald Boue: Malcom Munrow
    Juror for Robert Rowan vs. William Hall: Malcom Munrow

October 19, 1758
   Ordered that David [Daniel?] Munrow show cause for non-attendance at jury.
    Juror for Giles and Richard Hall vs. John Stephens: Daniel Munrow

January 16, 1758
   Grand Juror: Malcolm Munrow

August 19, 1760
   Grand Juror: Malcom Munrow

February 18, 1761
   Petty Juror: Daniel Munrow

February 20, 1761
   Daniel Munrow fined 10s for not attending jury duty.

May 19, 1761
   Deed: John Patterson to Wm. Moore, proved by Daniel Munrow

August 19, 1761
   Grand Juror: Daniel Munrow

August 21, 1761
   Daniel Munrow appointed constable from the mouth of Lower Little river th Mr. Gibson’s store on the south side of said river.

February 17, 1762
   Petty Juror: Daniel Munrow
    Juror for Mary Brown, administrix, vs. Tamer Jones: Daniel Munrow
    Appointed constable: … Daniel Munrow from the lower end of the county to Lower Little River

May 19, 1762
   Appointed Constable: … Daniel Munrow from the mouth of the Lower Little river to Mr. Gibson’s store, up the Wagon Road to John McAfee’s and down to Arch McNeill’s on Little River

May 21, 1762
   Constable Daniel Munrow ordered to summon the inhabitants of his district in order to make lists of taxables.

August 19, 1762
   John Munrow recommended to the General Assembly to be exempt from public duties and taxes, be being sixty-odd years of age.

February 18, 1763
   Thomas Statefiled appointed constable in place of Daniel Munrow.

August 16, 1763
   Deed: Malcom Munrow to Hugh Black, proved by John Patterson
    Petty Juror: Malcom Munrow
    Bond to Rev. James [from several individuals], proved by Patrick Munrow

August 18, 1763
   Juror for Robert Bennerman vs. Edward Dunfield: Malcom Munrow

August 19, 1763
   Juror for Stephen Phillips vs. P. Ballard: Malcom Munrow

August 22, 1764
   Grand Juror: Lewis Munroe
    Petty Juror: Pat. Munrow

November 23, 1764
   A road to be laid off from Williams Mill to the Yadkin road, Saml. Jackson appointed overseer, following to meet James Cheney, Esq., at Jackson’s house on the second Saturday in January to qualify: … Malcom Munroe …

February 21, 1765
   Lewis Munrow fined 10s failure to appear for jury duty.

May 22, 1765
   Daniel Munroe appointed constable in place of Wm. Moore

May 24, 1765
   Constable Daniel Munroe ordered to summon the inhabitants of his districted to be listed for taxes.

August 20, 1765
   Grand Juror: Lewis Munroe

August 21, 1765
    Alexd. McCarter, aged 5, son of Gilbert McCarter, apprenticed to Lewis Munroe till he came of age.

August 22, 1765
    The sheriff ordered to deliver a cow in his possession attached in the suit of Jas. Mears, supposed to be the property of Gilbert McCarter, to Lewis Munroe, as Peter McCarter made oath that cow belongs to Alexd. McCarter, son of said Gilbert McCarter, bound to Lewis Munrow; said Munroe to take care of the cow for his apprentice.
    Ordered Constale Daniel Munroe to appear at every February session of court [each constable was assigned one session to attend.]

January 29, 1772
   Alexander McKay, road overseer from Little River bridge to his house at the fork in the road, the following hands to work under him: … Archd. Munroe….
    Deed: Danl Munroe to Archd McNeill, proved by John McNeill.
    Deed: Danl. Munroe and John Clark to Malcolm Smith, proved by Thomas Dobbins

April 29, 1772
   Peter Munroe overseer of the road leading from Crosscreek to Archd. McKay’s in palce of Alexr. McPherson

July 29, 1772
   Deed: Daniel Munroe to James Munroe, acknowledged

October 28, 1772
   Inventory of estate of Malcom Munroe given into court by Margaret Munroe, administrix.

January 30, 1773
    Juror for Chas. Shearin vs. David Stroud: Patrick Munroe

July 26, 1774
   The will of Thomas Thomson, proved by Donald Munroe, the executors Charles Campbell and Rober Boue qualified.

July 28, 1774
   Mrs. Margaret Munroe, administrix, ordered to sell the personal estate of Malcolm Munroe, deceased, and rendered an account.

January 27, 1775
   A road to be laid off from George Blocker’s ferry to the upper line of Bladen County near Fohn Farris on South river, the following jury, or any 12 of them, to lay out said road: … Neill Munroe

January 25, 1775
   Deed: Peter Munroe to Donald McIntire, acknowledged.
    Deed: Wm. Burt and Isabel Burt of John McIntire, proved by Archd. Munroe

April 26, 1775
   Margaret McArthur [note that Margaret has apparently remaiiried], administrix of Malcolm Munroe, summoned to the next court to render an account of the administration of said estate; Daniel Munroe and James Munroe, securities for said administrix brought in an account of the sale of said estate amounting to 912:19:10.

July 26, 1775
   James Munroe appointed overseer in place of John McNair

January 25, 1776
   David Ochiltree, overseer of the road on the lower side of Monrow’s bridge over Little river and overseer of the others side with their companies to repair said Monrow’s bridge, after which said Daniel Monrow agrees to give up his pretensions to said bridge, saving his priviledge if the court should consitute it a toll bridge.

October 29, 1777
   Returned for Jury Duty: Patrick Munrow

April 27, 1778
   Returned for Jury Duty: Peter Munro

July 31, 1778
   Summoned for Jury Duty: Peter Monro
    The following took Oath of Allegiance to the State in January Court: Daniel Munroe
[The text of the oath, from an earlier session of court:]
   I do solemnly and sincerely promise and swere that I will be faithfull and bear True Allegiance to the State of No. Carolina, and to the powers and Authority’s which are or may be established for the government thereof not inconsistant with the Constitution, and I do Solemnly and Sincerely declare, that I do believe in my Conscience that neither the King of Great Britain nor the Parliament thereof, jointly with the said King, or seperately or any foreign prince person, State or potentate have or ought to have, any right or title to the dominion or Sovereignty of this State or any part of the government thereof, and I do renounce refuse and abjure any Allegiance or Obedience to them or any of them, or to any person or persons put in Authority by or under them, or any or them, & I will do my utmost endeavorurs to disclose and make known to the legislative or Executive powers of the said State, all treasons and traiterous Conspiracies and Attempts whatsoever which I Shall know to be made or intended, against the said State, & I do faithfully promise, that I will endeavour to Support, maintain and defend the Indepandence of the said State against him the said King, and All [other] persons Whatsoever, and All these things I do p[ledge] and Sincerely acknowledge and swear according [to] the plain and Common Sense and understanding of the Same words without any equivocation mental evasion or Secret reservation whatsoever, & I do make this Acknowledgement, abjuration, renunciation and promise heartily willingly and truly, so help me God.

October 26, 1778
   Summoned as juror: Peter Munro
    Grand Juror: Patrick Munro

January 30, 1779
   Summoned as Juror: Danl Munro

April 26, 1779
   Danl. Monroe summoned as juror.

April 28, 1779
   Grand Juror: Danl Munrow

July 28, 1779
   Malcom Munroe named constable in place of Mathew Burnsides.
    Deed: Donald Munro to Michl. Conelly acknowledged.

July 31, 1779
   Malcom Munroe appointed assessor in Capt. McCranie’s district
    Daniel Munroe appointed assessor in Capt. Chas. Campbell’s District

Oct. 27, 1779
   James McDonald, Donald Munro, and Neil McCranie, assesors, allowed L80 each for their services as assessors in 1779.

October 28, 1779
   Jurors summoned for next term: ...Peter Munro....

January 27, 1780
   Malcom Munroe, constable, allowed 44.

January 28, 1780
   Jurors summoned for next term: ...Peter Munro....

April 25, 1780
   Grand Juror: Patrick Munrow

April, 1782
   Summoned as Juror for Next Term: Patrick Munrow

April 30, 1784
   Patrick Munrow appointed road overseer in place of John McKethan
    Summoned as Juror next term: Danl Munrow
    Patrick Munrow road overseer in place of John McKethan

[On July 4, 1784, the General Assembly passed an act dividing Cumberland County into Moore and Fayette Counties. In November, 1784, an act was passed clarifying the boundary between the two counties and reverting Fayette County to its former name of Cumberland County. Threfore the July and October, 1784, terms of court are listed under as Fayette County.]

Second day of term, July 1784 (Fayette County)
   Suit: Danl Munrow vs. Malcom McNeill -- Caveat; jury ordered on premises
    The following to lay off a road from Alexr. Graham’s to Fayetteville: ...Patrick Munrow, Neill Munro....

October 26, 1784 (Fayette County)
   Following to serve as Jurors, January Term: ...Neill Monrow; Peter Monrow....

January 26, 1785
   Malcom Munro road overseer in place of John McDonald

April 29, 1785
   The following appointed as a jury to lay off a road from Taylor’s hole to Alexr. Avera’s and from there to Sprowl’s Ferry: ... Patrick Munro....

January 28, 1786
    Following hands to work the road from Little Rockfish to Fayetteville, Neil Buie, overseer: ...Neill Munro, John Munrow....

April 30, 1785
   Summoned as juror for next session: Peter Munro, Danl Munro
    Appointed to Grand Jury: Danl Munro
    Jurors summoned for next term: ...Peter Munro...

July 29, 1785
    Summoned as Juror for Oct. term: John Munro
    A road to be laid off from John Grayham’s plantation [to] Little Mountain Creek, then by Malcom Smithe’s Esq, then crossing Rockfish to Beaver Creek bridge, then to Neill Bowie’s thence to Fayetteville, the following jury appointed: ... Neill Munro, John Munro... Malcom McDuffie to be overseer and work the following hands: ... Neill Munro, John Munro ....

Oct. Term, 1785
   Summoned as Juror: John Munrow
    Following jurors absent to be fined 20s each: John Munrow

October 28, 1785
   Venire to January sessions, 1786: ...Peter Munrow....

January 24, 1786
    Danl. McNeill (appointed) road overseer from the forks of the road where Alexr. McKoy lived to the Moore County line, his hands to be: ...Peter Munrow....
    Summoned as juror: Peter Munrow
    Danl. McNeill roadoverseer from the forks of the road wher Alexr. McKoy lived to the Moore County line, his hands to be: ... Peter Munrow...
    John Munroe exempted from paying his fine for non-attendance as a juror, he not having been summoned.

Jan 26, 1786
    Deed: Malcom Munrow to Saml. William, Proved by Isasc Williams
    Following hands to work in the road from Little Rockfish to Fayetteville, Neil Buie, overseer: ... Neill Munro, John Munrow....
    Summoned as jurors: ...Danl; Munroe, John Munroe....
    Dun. Smith (appointed tax) collector in McCranie’a and Neill Smith’s districts; securities Malcom Smith and Peter Munroe

Jan 28, 1786
   Summoned as juror: Danl. Munroe
    Following hands to work on the road from Little Rockfish to Fayetteville, Neil Buie overseer: ....Neill Munro, John Munrow ...

April 27, 1786
   Juror for Wm. Rand, assignee vs. Saml Norrington: Danl. Munro

April 28, 1786
   Securities in suit Cochran vs Kitchin: P Munro and Thos Gillmore

April 29, 1786
John Campbell appointed road overseer from Munro’s Bridge to Elliott’s Mill, following to work under him with their hands: Patrick Munro .... Donald Munro ...

July 25, 1786
   Wm. Ward, an orphan, apprenticed to John Murphy (tailor), said Murphy giving Danl. Munroe and John Dobbin as securities the sum of 50

July 27, 1786
   John McKay road overseer from Munroe’s Bridge to the fork of the road near Fayette (sic) in place of Malcom Munroe

July 29, 1786
    James Dyer, county surveyor, and Norman Campbell to survey the disputed claim between Malcom McNeill and Danl Monroe, agreeable to their respective location, to make two fair plats of both entries and return same to next court, same to be made in the presence of Col. Thos. Armstrong, Alex. Gregory and Farqd. Campbell, or either of them, motioned by Mr. Spiller.
    Jurors summoned for next term: Peter Munroe

October 25, 1786
   Juror: Peter Munroe
    Grand Juror: Peter
    Bondsman for estate of Donald Morrison: Peter Munroe

October 26, 1786
   Cain Morrison road overseer in place of Malcom Clerk, to work the following: Peter Monroe

October 27, 1786
   David Torrey (appointed) road overseer from Munro’s bridge to the fork of Yadkin Road.
    Jurors for Suit No. 15 -- Kinchen Kitchen vs. Danl. Cammeron: Danl. Munroe, Peter Munroe

Oct. 28, 1786
   The surveyors who were ordered to survey the disputed lands of Danl. Monroe and Malcom McNeill allowed 20s. per day each for serving 4 days.
    David Torry appointed road overseer from Munro’s bridge to the fork of Yadkin Road
    Charles Campbell granted license to keep a tevern at his house. Securities: Malcom McNeill and Danl. Monroe.

Jan 27, 1787
    Suit: Duncan Ochiltree vs Duncan McNabb -- Peter Munroe and Jno. Dobbins, bail.
    Juror Executors of Robt. Hogg vs Administrators of A. Simpson: Malcom Munroe
    Jurors for next term: Malcom Munroe, Jno. Munroe

April 25, 1787
    Malcom Munroe, constable, having a certificate for his services, allowed 44, which, agreeable to the scale of depreciation, amounts to 1:8.
    Grand Juror: Jno. Munro

April 27, 1787
   Juror for Gilmore vs. McNeill: Malcom Munroe
    Suit: Ocheltree vs. McNabb -- Patrick Munroe, security for defendant, appeared and delivered him.

April 28, 1787
    Malcom Munroe, appointed collector in Capts. McKethan’s and Archd. Smith’s districts, giving Phil. Hodge and John McNeill secruities in the sum of 800.
    [Ordered that Malcom Munroe be appointed collector -- crossed out in original]
   Mrs. Munroe, widow of Daniel Munroe, granted permission to build a bar over thea road at her house and to receive 3d. per wheel for all carriages passing over her bridge, also 3d. per horse

July 24, 1887
    Juror for Suit No. 67, Maxwell vs Bowell: ...Peter Munroe....
    Jurors summoned for next term: ...Peter Munroe....

July 25, 1787
   Juror for Suit No. 16, Soloman Porch vs Ebinr. Folsom: Neill Munro

July 26, 1787
   Juror for Carmichael ve Crawford: Neill Munroe
    [Malcom Munroe’s name appears in a list this day of deliquent tax payers, however it is unclear if he is listed as a deliquent or as the tax collector.]

July 27, 1787
   Juror for Suit Jonathan Fryer vs Rens Dwoning: Neill Munro, Peter Munroe
    Suit No. 68: Neill Munroe vs Gillmore and Gillmore; same jury as No. 78, vertict for plaintiff, 18 and costs.
    Sheriff to lay off a road from Fayetteville to Dobbin’s road near Dobbin’ house or Yew’s path, Jury: ...Neill Munroe, Pat. Munro....

October 23, 1787
   Juror: Peter Munroe
    Deed: Neill Munroe to Danl. Graham, ackd.
    Juror for Suit No. 35, Neill Brown vs Administrators of J. McMillan: ... Peter Munroe ... Neill Munro....

October 26, 1787
    Juror for Suit Lewis Bowell vs Neill McArthur: Peter Munroe
    Juror for Suit No. 50, Administrators of R. Cochran vs John Dobbin: ...Pat. Munroe....

October 27, 1787
   Bill of Sale: Negro boy named Trim from Pat. Travers to John Ingram, proved by P. Munroe.

January 30, 1788
   Deed: Archd. Wilkinson to Neill Munroe, proved by Malcom Munroe

January 30, 1788
   Deed: Archd. Wilkinson to Neill Munroe, proved by Malcom Munroe

January 31, 1788
   Juror for Suit No. 24, Pat. Travers vs John Haslet: Neill Munro
    Flora McLaughlan chose Danl. Patterson as juardian, he giving Neill Munro as security.
    Juror for Suit No. 11, Wm. Crawford vs Hector McLain: Neill Munro

April 30, 1788
   Juror for Suit Jas. Pearl vs Hector McNeill: Neill Munro
    Suit No. 7, Neill Munroe (Attorney John Hay) vs. Thomas Gilmore (Attorney Henry Lightfoot; Jury: ....Neill Munroe [Does this indicate there were two different Neill Munroes there?]...; verdict for plaintiff, L16:10:0
    Neill Munro security of Catherine Colbreath, administrator of estate of Malcom Colbreath

May 2, 1788
   Suit: Monroe vs McNeill - A caveat tried some time since, costs not yet settled, court awards that defendant pay costs.

May 3, 1788
   Working the road from Tradaway’s Bridge to the Yadkin Road: Neill Munro
    Working the road from the Mouth of the Little River to Colin Shaw’s: Malcom Munroe
    Peter Munroe appointed overseer of the Little River From Eliott’s Mill to Crain’s Creek in place of Jas. Campbell, working the following hands: Dugald Munro
    Thos. Armstrong appointed overseer of the river from Little River to the mouth of Faifords Creek, working the following hands: ...Patrick Munro....

May 3, 1788
   Peter Munro appointed overseer of the little River from Elliot’s Mill to Crain’s Creek, in place of Jas. Campbell, working the following hands: . . . Dugald Munro ...

August 2, 1788
   Patrick Munroe, Capt. Alexr. McNatt and Jno. Ray, Jr., appointed patrollers in McFerson’s and Smith’s district.

October 31, 1788
   Petition for a road to be opened from Campbell’s Ferry to Carvers Creek granted; following to lay our said road: ... Malcom Munroe ....
    Suit No. 52 - Patrick Munroe vs Dugald Cawford; verdict for plantiff: 79:10:0

November 1, 1788
   Following to serve as jurors, January term: ...Malcom Munroe...
    Dunkan Munro appointed road overseer from Munro’s bridge to the fork of the Yadkin Road in place of David Torry

April 27, 1789
   The coroner returned the following summoned to attend as jurors: John Munro
    Juror for Suit No. 3, Jas Williams vs. Wm. Bennet: John Munro

April 29, 1789
   Grand Juror: John Munro

January 29, 1789
   Juror: Malcom Munroe
    Suit No. 22: Executors of Munro vs. Peter Mallet. Same jurors as suit no. 21; verdict for defendant, no cause of action; appeal prayed and granted.
    Juror for suite No. 23: Adam Killen vs Malcom Clerk: ...Malcom Munroe...

January 30, 1789
   Allen Cameron, son of Danl., road overseer from Munro’s Bridge to D. Cameron’s plangtation.

January 30, 1789
   Neil Munro security for Cathn. Shaw and Danl. Shaw, Sr., administrators on the estate of Danl. Shaw

January 31, 1789
   Following jury to view the road from Colin Shaw’s to Campbell’s Ferry and lay off a new road or continue the old one, whichever they think most proper, making return to court: ...Malcom Munroe....
    Following to serve as Jurors next term: John Munroe (Boons Creek)

May 1, 1789
   Juror for Peter Strong vs Administrator of S. Fosdick: P. Munro
    Juror for Suit No. 130, Wm. Trapnall vs John Black: ...Neill Munro....
    Summoned as juror for next term: ...Neill Munro....
    Following to lay off a new road from Mr. Campbell’s ferry to Colon Shaws, but if found conveneint for the public benefit and ease of the inhabitants, to continue the old road: ...Patrick Munro....
    Neill Galbreath road overseer in place of Patrick Munro, working the same hands

July 29, 1789
   Alexr. Moore and Archd. McMillan to work under Peter Munro on Little River
    James Dick, Isaac Burkloe and Peter Munro appointed to examine and balue the bridge built by Jas. Campbell over Little River and report to next court.

July 30, 1789
   Pat. Munro, George McDuffee and John Ray, Jr., appointed patrollers in Captl Mcferson’s district.

October 28, 1789
   Following jury to view a new road to be laid out from Jas. McNeill’s near Rockfish to Fayetteville: ...Neill Munroe....

October 29, 1789
   Patrick Munro, Jos. Gist and William Gibson to value Mrs. Munro’s bridge and report to next court.

January 29, 1790
   Joseph Gest and Patrick Munro returned the valuation of Mrs. Munro’s b ridge which they set at 160.

April 28, 1790
   Juror for George Knowls vs Norman Shaw: ...Peter Munro....

April 29, 1790
    Malcom Munroe, collector of taxes for 1786 in McKethan’s and Smith’s districts, settled with the court.
    Juror for State vs Solo. Macklin: ...Malcom Munroe....
    Daniel McNeill overseer of the Yadkin road between the fork of the road and the Moore County in place of John McNeill, working the following hands: ... John Munrow and Dugald Munroe.

April 30, 1790
   Juror for Suit Administrators of G. Fletcher vs John Hadly: ...Peter Munro
    Juror for Suit: Joseph Spaight vs Abel Holton: ...Peter Munro

July 27, 1790
   Juror for Abel Holton vs Administratrix of Ambrose Smith: Lewis Monroe

July 29, 1790
   Juror for Maurice Carmichael vs. Nicholas Nall: Dunl. (sic) Munroe
    John Munro appointed constable in Capt. McFerson’s district in place of D. McLoad.

October 26, 1790
   Bondsman for Peter Smith: Lewis Munro

October 29, 1790
   Summoned as jurors, next term: Neill Munroe, Peter Munro (Turtle Creek)

January 2, 1791
    Danl. Rea appointed tax collector in Capt.s Munro’s and Dan’l Smith’s Disricts.

January 24, 1791
   Attended as jurors this term: Neill Munroe, Peter Munroe (Turtle Creek)

January 27, 1791
    Duncan Baker named road overseer in place of Duncan Munro, working the same hands.

January 28, 1791
    Justice Alexr. McIver to take tax list in Capt. Monroe’s District