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The purpose of this site is to share information among those interested in the Monroe families from the upper Cape Fear valley of central North Carolina.  The site includes original documents -- wills, estate records, letters, census data -- and compiled genealogical information on five primary families:

John Munro, (ca. 1700-bef. 1784) and his sons, Patrick, Daniel and Malcolm.  John may have been the immigrant ancestor of all Cape Fear Monroes and these following families descended from his sons.
Dugald Monroe and Jane Cameron,  their son J. Peter Munroe and other children
Duncan Munroe (1784-1860) and Nancy Tedder, their son, John Anthony Monroe(1810-1893) and others
John Munroe (d. 1841) and wife, Sarah, their son Neill Munroe (1790-1851) and other children
Malcolm Monroe (1773-1859) and Margaret Black, and their seven children

These families were from the area originally comprising Cumberland County, but now in parts of Moore, Hoke, Harnette, Lee and Robeson counties. As the United States grew, these families and their descendants spread westward.  Malcolm, and five of his seven children, relocated to Talladega (now Clay) County, Alabama in 1842.  Many  descendants live there today.  Following the Civil War, other parts of the family moved on to Texas, with many relatives today in west Texas or the Gulf Coast area.  From the available records, John Anthony moved his family to Alabama along with Malcolm, living, for a time, in the same community.  He later moved on to Louisiana, where much of his family is today.

E-mail Research Group
We have a small e-mail group sharing research on the Monroes in North Carolina.  Our goal is to find the common ancestor among the various Monroe in the early history of the area.  We trade research, ideas, information, and, sometimes, just chat.  To subscribe to the mail server, send an e-mail to   Type the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject line of the message. 

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    The Monroe Genealogy Research Group in front of Malcolm Munroe's 1772 house.  Group members traveled  from Alabama, Louisiana, Texas and Virginia for a trip to "Monroe Country" in October, 1998.   Pictured are: (l-r seated) Onieda Monroe and Jan Monroe; (second row) Jim Monroe, Florence M. Johnson, Betty M. Bailey, Sybil Bolton, Rick Monroe; (standing) Margaret Bardin, Coy Bolton, Elaine M. Nagle and DeAnn M. Steely. 


The spelling of the family name is basically interchangable.  "Munro" is the original Scottish spelling and is found only in the earliest, 18th-century records.  "Munroe" was the predominate spelling prior to this century.   In fact, in the family bible, my great-grandparents entered the name of each new child spelling the name "Munroe" until about 1890, when, with no apparent reason, began using the "Monroe" spelling.  Currently, most of the family in North Carolina spells the name "Monroe," although some, especially in Alabama and Texas, use "Munroe."   I have tried to spell the name as the person spelled it themself or as it appeared in a record.  But simply because I spell my name "Monroe," that is the ususal spelling here.

Please click on the "Other Family Lines" link to check out the other branches of the family I am researching.  They include Adcock, Brittain, Carter, Chaires, Covington, Deaton, Morris, Seawell, Thomas, and Ussery, to list a few of my more active branches.   I've recently began looking into my wife's ancestors, who are typically more recent, eastern European immigrants.  Some of her family lines include  Callner, Goldberg, Golden, Miller, Perlstein, Wessel/Weselnitzky, Wetstein, and Yellin.

I welcome your comments, input and suggestions.

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In the end, we will preserve only what we love,
We will love only what we understand,
And we will understand only what we are taught.


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